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I'm a web developer and designer who has worked in a variety of industries,


About Matt Howey

Hi. Thanks for coming to my cloud -- here's a little bit about me...

How Did I End Up Here?

I'm a professional web software developer who was grown from artistic roots. I've always been a relatively creative person with an interest in creating art (drawing, painting, sculpture), so naturally, after having earned a degree in Graphic Design & Computer Graphics, I worked in production graphics for a couple years doing book layout, catalog layout, high-volume business cards, etc.

I first discovered web development by slicing apart my own PhotoShop designs and building out HTML templates. The need to store things in a database quickly became evident and so, like a lot of people, I learned PHP and MySQL. One of my first paid projects was installing a streaming webcam on the dance floor of a club and hooking it up to live-stream to their website.

Where am I now?

I'm currently a web UI developer at a fantastic company in the marketing space - Clutch, a customer relationship marketing platform. In the past I have worked for smaller startups such as Gr8 People, a Human Resource Management platform, to a multi-national corporation such as Johnson & Johnson. At J&J I worked as a front-end developer, where I helped build out several healthcare applications of all types. I've worked on Diabetes, Bariatrics, Orthopaedic, and Eye Surgery applications. Most of these application's main purposes were to improve the health outcomes of the treatment of some disease state. In addition to these, I also worked doing web development for The Bank of New York's private client services division.

What's My Focus?

Today, I focus on creating user interfaces and experiences that provide a seamless path for the user to accomplish whatever they wish to. I focus on front-end architecture and programming including frameworks such as React, Gatsby or NextJS. I am passionate about all-things front-end development including Javascript, ES6+, CSS, SASS, HTML5, GraphQL, Node/NPM, Git, and more!

When I write applications now, I make a concerted effort to offload as much back-end workload to cloud providers (i.e. AWS, Google Cloud, Azure) as possible and working toward a truly "serverless" architectures -- but only when the use-case is appropriate.

I'm a believer...

  • in Agile development methods such as Scrum (iterate quickly, fail fast)
  • in the "JAMstack" ideology -- a.k.a. "Javascript APIs and Markup"
  • that static websites are almost always faster and provide a better user experience
  • that "static" doesn't necessarily mean "not dynamic"
  • that there are still plenty of use-cases for managing your own server
  • that there are gobs of untapped potential in Progressive Web Applications (PWAs)
  • that most web applications do mobile poorly - hello responsive!
  • optimization is still important despite the proliferation of broadband - not everyone is on the latest network and device!

What else do I do?

I ride bikes. Mountain bikes. Road bikes. Cyclocross bikes. Indoor bikes. You name it...I like to ride when I can!

I have a quasi tech blog here:   ES6.TODAY  |^| (opens in new window)


Matt Howey

Web Developer and Designer
Exton Pennsylvania


I’m a web software developer and designer, grown from print-graphics roots, who is currently focused on building in the React and Node ecosystems. I am a purveyor of top-flight user experiences (UX) and user-centered design (UCD). My professional experience spans a variety of industries including advertising agency clients (MRA Group), Talent Acquisition, Banking and Finance (Bank of NY), Medical Devices (LifeScan) and other pharma and healthcare-related software (Johnson & Johnson).

Technical & Creative Skill

Web Development

  • Javascript: ES6+, ReactJS, NextJS, Node, GatsbyJS, Apollo Client/GraphQL, Redux, Reselect, JSS, Styled-Components, Material-UI
  • Middle Tier/Back-end: NodeJS, PHP
  • Databases: MySQL/MariaDB, Oracle, MongoDB, Postgres
  • Styling: SCSS/SASS, CSS in JS, JSS, styled-components, Flexbox
  • Tooling: Docker, Kubernetes, Webpack, Gulp, NPM
  • NodeJS: Express, Koa
  • User Interface Development, User Experience and Usability Studies

Graphics & Printing

  • Printing: Offset Printing, Pre-press & Stripping, Bindery, Spot Color/Varnishes
  • Specialty: Embossing, Foil-stamping, die-cutting, pocket folders, Screen Printing

Professional Experience

2020 - present
Senior UI Engineer
Clutch Holdings LLC

2019 - 2020
Front-end Developer
Gr8 People, Inc.

2019 - 2019
React Software Developer
Drakontas LLC

2016 - 2019
Lead front-end developer
Johnson & Johnson Application Services

2010 - 2016
Lead UI Software Developer
Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Care Franchise

2008 - 2010
Sr. UI developer
SymCare Personalized Health Solutions

2004 - 2008
Sr. Programmer / Analyst
The Bank of New York

2001 - 2004
Interactive Developer
MRA Group Advertising

2000 - 2001
Webmaster / Catalog Designer
American Music Group


Drexel University - LeBow College of Business

MBA Anywhere track

State University of New York College at Oswego

Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies (Public Relations Track)

Radford Univesity

No degree - Business Administration & Marketing track

Tompkins Cortland Community College

Associate of Applied Arts in Graphic Design & Computer Graphics